2020 Ford Mustang Crossover

It is already known that a crossover will appear in the range of the American company, made in the style of the cult muscle car. What can come of it?

Crossovers are increasingly capturing the automotive world, and it is not surprising that even completely distant from the all-terrain subjects models can reincarnate in them. It is even quite logical, given the opportunity to endow the future SUV with such charismatic features of appearance that the Ford Mustang sports coupe has, for example. Here and a large trapezoid grille, decorated, in fact, the Mustang (the so-called feral home horse in North America), and narrow “predatory” headlights, and a long raised hood.
Presented on the renderers car received a five-door body, a very large wheelbase and a plastic body kit in a circle, as befits a crossover. The back is distinguished by the original lamps and the contrasting decorative inset in black.

Styled Ford Mustang Ford plans to release in 2020, and it will become an electric car. According to the latest data, on one charge he will be able to travel up to 370 miles, which corresponds to 595 kilometers. It is planned that the new product will compete with the recently presented Tesla Model Y crossover , which so far can offer a maximum cruising range of 300 miles (483 km).

Source: Kolesa