2019 Subaru Levorg STI Sport

Announcing the Subaru “Levogue” Revised Model
-Special- purpose car “1.6 / 2.0 STI Sport Black Selection ” and “1.6 GT-S EyeSight Advantage Line” added-
● Special specification car 1.6 / 2.0 STI Sport Black Selection with RECARO * 1 front seat added
● Special specification car 1.6 GT-S EyeSight Advantage Line which adopted exclusive color cool gray khaki for body color is added
● Change the vehicle speed at which high beam assist is activated (40km / h → 30km / h) to further improve the safety performance at night
SUBARU announces the “Levogue” modified model today on May 7, 2019, and will release it on June 27 * 2 .

Revog announced in April 2014 with the concept of “Innovative Sports Tourer”. It is a sports wagon that combines the cutting edge safety performance including Eyesight and the touring performance cultivated by SUBARU at a high level.

Two models have been added as special-purpose vehicles for this improvement.

1.6 / 2.0 STI Sport Black Selection Based on the
1.6 / 2.0 STI Sport, the sporting mind of the driver is selected. The exterior is equipped with an 18-inch black painted & cutting glitter wheel and a door mirror cover painted black.
In the interior, black trim and red stitching are combined, and in addition, REVAUG’s first RECARO front seat * 3 is adopted.

1.6GT-S EyeSight Advantage Line The
1.6GT-S EyeSight is based on a dedicated item that makes it feel like a sporty model for adults. The exterior is equipped with an 18-inch black painted wheel, a black painted door mirror cover, and a door handle to create a high quality. In addition, the body color set a cool gray khaki as a dedicated color. In the interior, the ultra-suede * 4 / leather seat accented with calm blue color enhances the upper texture and functionality.

Furthermore, the vehicle speed at which the high beam assist works is changed from the conventional 40 km / h to 30 km / h. By starting operation from a lower vehicle speed, the operating area is expanded and safety at night is further improved.

  • 1: RECARO ® is a registered trademark of RECARO Holding GmbH.
  • 2: The 1.6GT-S EyeSight Advantage Line is released on August 29th.
  • 3: Manufacturer attachment option.
    4 *: Ultrasuede ® , ultra suede ® is a registered trademark of Toray Industries, Inc..[Main improvement contents of Revogue] ■ Safety performance ・ Change the vehicle speed at which the high beam assist works (40km / h → 30km / h) ■ Exterior ・ Adopts new color magnetite gray metallic for body color 【Special features of 1.6 / 2.0 STI Sport Black Selection】 ■ Exterior ・ 225 / 45R18 Tire & 18 Inch Aluminum Wheel (Black Painted + Cut Glow) ・ Black colored door mirror & colored door handle ■ Interior -Ultra Suede / Genuine Leather Seat (Black, Red Stitch) (Access Key Compatible Driver’s Seat with Seat Memory Function) -Console lid with slide mechanism (black + red stitch) ・ Door trim / door armrest (black + red stitch) -Front console (black) (Leather-like material + red stitch) ・ RECARO front seat + driver’s seat 8 way power seat (manufacturer mounting option) [1.6 GT-S EyeSight Advantage Line special equipment] ■ Safety performance ・ Eye sight safety plus (driving support) [Subaru rear vehicle detection (rear side warning support system) / high beam assist (with automatic antiglare room mirror)] ・ Eye sight safety plus (view extension) [front & side view monitor / smart rear view mirror] ■ Exterior 18-inch aluminum wheels (black paint) & 225 / 45R18 tires -Black colored door mirror (with foot lamp) ・ Black colored door handle ・ LEVORG rear ornament (Raster black) ・ Symmetrical AWD rear ornament (Raster black) ■ Interior ・ Instrument panel decoration panel: Blue draped tone + chrome plating -Ultra Suede / Genuine Leather Seat (Blue Accent, Blue Stitch) [Over-the-counter debut fair] June 29-30, 20th July 2019 July 6-7

Source: Subaru Japan