1980 Volkswagen Golf Mk 1 GLD (738 miles) For Sale

The Golf 1 is a car that has grown to the heart of many.
The Golf Series 1 can be found on ads for 350 euros, and this seems like an ordinary example of what we see in ads for 500, 600 euros.

It is a model produced in 1980, and it covered about 1000 kilometers
It is offered by Silverstone Auctions, and will be offered at auction in mid-January. Interestingly, the first buyer of this car already had one Golf, and this one he took as a reserve.

The Golf proved to be a fantastic and reliable car, so the replacement just sat in the garage and waited its turn, so the new car reached the year 2020, and it was driven only twice.

It was first registered only in 1999, how long do you think it will sell?