1979 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4 For Sale In Harwood Motors

1979 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4 for sale on Harwood Motors and ebay Classified ad price: US $54,900 We know people are always skeptical of low mileage claims, but this truck’s condition provides a compelling case for it. It was purchased new by a farmer in South Dakota who took his honeymoon in it and then used it sparingly for the next 40-some years. A glance in the bed reveals that it has never been used as a work truck and the original paint is in fantastic condition. Two-tone was an extra-cost item on the F150, even with the upscale Ranger package, and the combination of Light Sand over Gold Metallic works as well today as it did in 1979. Enthusiasts today are drawn to the brawny look, which is highlighted by square headlights introduced in 1978, and as a result the truck looks capable and durable. Sure, there are a few very minor touch-ups here and there, some signs of use if you look really closely behind the wheelwells, but for a truck about to celebrate its 45th birthday it’s pretty darned impressive. There’s plenty of bright chrome and stainless trim, all of which is in excellent condition, including the period roll bar in the bed that gives it an adventurous look. There’s also a vinyl tonneau cover that snaps into place to keep cargo dry and secure, although we believe the tailgate has been repainted since it doesn’t have any snaps. But any way you slice it, this truck is really impressive.

This F150 carries the optional 400 cubic inch V8 with a 2-barrel carburetor, a motor designed for low-end torque more than anything else. It’s completely stock, from the air cleaner to the exhaust manifolds, and runs like you’d expect from a low mileage machine. Quick starts, a nice idle, and a pleasing growl from the aftermarket dual exhaust system all make it easy to live with. It’s still wearing most of its original Ford Blue engine enamel and aside from basic maintenance items, it’s as the factory made it. It has a recent tune up that includes plugs, wires, points, condenser, cap and rotor, so t’s ready to drive and with both power steering and power brakes, anyone can handle it despite its imposing size. The transmission is C6 3-speed automatic feeding both axles which appear to be packing 3.50 gears so it’s comfortable at highway speeds. The undercarriage is unquestionably original and hasn’t been undercoated, so nothing is hidden—check out the original floors, rocker spot welds, and cab corners, all of which are in great shape. Yes, that’s original red oxide primer! The shocks have been replaced at some point and there’s evidence of routine service work, but for the most part it’s completely stock. Besides the custom exhaust system, the only other notable modification are the period-correct chrome wheels wearing big 31×10.50R15 Bridgestone radials.

Source : Harwood Motors and ebay