1974 Pontiac Trans AM Super Duty For Sale At Volo Auto Museum

1974 Pontiac Trans AM Super Duty up for sale on ebay and Volo Auto Museum Classified ad price:US $129,998 . 1 of 212 made! Extremely desirable 4 speed Super Duty. These cars hardly ever come to market, this is a rare opportunity.

The legendary Super Duty- Early 1970s was a time where cars were heavily regulated, emissions and gas mileage was far more important than horsepower. A few engineers at Pontiac still had the need for speed. The Super Duty was built under the radar from the top brass. It may look like the standard 455, but that’s all they have in common. These were special cast blocks that were hand assembled with upgraded performance parts. This is considered the last muscle car of that era.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: Original #s matching 455. The blocks were strengthened, they had 4 bolt mains, forged rods, aluminum pistons, ram air cam and high flow heads, a unique intake, an 800 cfm carb and ram air exhaust manifolds. Each engine was hand assembled to keep tolerances tight. There is a sticker on the valve cover that gives specs that are typical of a race engine. Unique to the SD the breather hose attaches to the oil cap. Rare # match carb. The hp was net 290, gross 390 and it made 395 lbs of torque. This was much higher than any other car produced at that time. Overall very proper motor compartment. It features power steering and power brakes.

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