1969 Mustang Ford Hemi 520 Jon Kaase Powered One of Kind SEMA For Sale

1969 Mustang Ford Hemi 520 Jon Kaase Powered One of Kind SEMA for sale on ebay and So Cal Classic Car Storage Price:US $289,000

So Cal Classic Car Storage is proud to announce the availability of this one of a kind, hand-crafted bespoke 1969 Mustang. The best way to describe this car is Pro Touring meets euro luxury integrated into one of the best car platforms ever, the 1969 Mustang. Larry Erickson, the chief engineer of the fifth-generation Mustang, debuted in 2005 and Billy Gibbon’s Cadizzila designed this incredible 1969 Mustang. The FX520 Mustang was built by a high end fab shop, Vintage Fabrication In Missouri. According to Bobby Schumacher, owner-operator of Vintage Fabrication, the FX520 combines retro-styling with classic cues, it is completely hand built (5,500 man hours), integrates flawlessly the best in performance like the Jon Kaase 520 Ford Racing Hemi powering this incredible car. The rear quarters were pushed out 2 inches for the 20×12-inch Boze custom alloy wheels and massive 345mm-wide Michelin rollers. The quarters’ brake ducts were even made functional for the Baer brakes. The rockers were dropped 2 inches before turning attention to the rear of the Archer 520FX, which retains the traditional styling cues from the 69 Mustang while sharpening the edges and adding an adjustable spoiler. The shotgun exhaust is flanked by a pair of blades which mimic the uprights of a diffuser.

The Jon Kaase Racing Engine is outfitted with individual-throttle-body induction system. With a 4.390 x 4.300 bore and stroke, the Ford Performance block was stuffed with a Lunati rotating assembly and Diamond pistons. The mild 10:1 compression ratio and hydraulic-roller Comp camshaft make for a street-friendly package that’s capable of belting out nearly 800 wheel hp through a Bowler Transmissions 4L80E with Compu-Shift paddles behind the steering wheel. Carrender Collision sprayed Archer 520FX in Rhodium Silver with Platinsilber Pearl strips (from the Porsche 918 and Boxster, respectively), with Eric Campbell hand-pinstriping the details. Set atop a Roadster Shop Elite Chassis, this Mustang is built for some serious performance driving. It features a full-billet front suspension set up, as well as a rear independent-suspension system. Penkse double-adjustable shocks help manage all of that torque. Baer Brakes and 14-inch rotors help stop the car while a set of custom Boze Alloy wheels designed by Erickson, wrapped in Michelin rubber, complete the look.

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