1967 Ford Mustang ELEANOR GT500 For Sale

1967 Ford Mustang ELEANOR GT500 for sale on ebay Sales Price: Price:US $222,999

Ford Mustang ELEANOR GT500

Year: 1967

Engine capacity: 7015 cm³

Fuel type: Gasoline

Transmission: Manual

Power: 750 hp


  • Air conditioner,
  • Electric windows,
  • Nitrous oxide system (nitrous oxide injection),
  • leather upholstery

A 1967 Ford Mustang in the Eleanor GT500 movie version (replica) from USA

This fabulous gem has been painstakingly restored for many years – as befits a solid classic, complete with the best new parts and elements – a restoration including tuning, subjected.

Receipts for all applied parts and work are available and can be presented.

Engine with nitrous injection system also completely overhauled.

5-speed manual transmission, air conditioning, brake booster / power brakes and power steering.

Here’s a legend that gained fame twice, with the theatrical debut of “Gone in Sixty Seconds” in 1974 and the 2000 remake.

While the 1st version of the story about car thieves was H.B. Halicki’s life’s work, shot on a small budget and with great enthusiasm, the 2nd version is already a Hollywood super production starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie.

It was two great successes, and the most important car in both films was a Ford Mustang called ELEANOR.

Especially in the newer film – the real hard core – the Shelby GT500 version.

Replicas of these cars began to be made all over the world.

What the results of such work look like. It uses a 7-liter V8 engine, manual five-speed transmission, modern independent suspension and disc brakes at all wheels and NOS installation. The base (as in the more recent video) is a 1967 model that has been given not only a mechanical makeover, but an updated look as well.

Yes, it is definitely a Mustang for our times.

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