15 Facts You Did Not Know About Ford Mustang

For more than fifty continental years, the market has been providing an American pony car recognition to all parts of the world, although officially on a global scale it has only begun to sell from the latest generation. It’s the symbol of the American auto industry in its brightest edition, and although the name Mustang will never stand the latest technology, when it comes to style, sound and the cool factor with which it comes, it’s almost impossible to find a competitor. After all, the title of the best-selling sports coup around the world in 2015 speaks enough.

1. Although its basic configuration, which means the front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, never changed, the Ford Mustang was presented twice as a model with a centrally located engine, though both times only in the conceptual version – Mustang 1 of 1962 and Mach 2 from 1967.

2. The Mach 1 prototype had a built-in driver’s seat that could be rotated, but like a number of other elements, this idea did not come to life in the production model

3. The day before the official discovery in New York, on April 16, 1964, Ford began with a rather aggressive marketing campaign. Three large TV networks showed a Mustang advertisement and before it was discovered, it was seen by more than 29 million people. The next day, the advertisement was in more than 2,600 newspaper editions.
4. In Ford, they expected 100,000 copies sold in the first year, but the actual number of orders surpassed all expectations – over 400,000.

5. One of Ford Mustang-related stories bearing 001, which was not intended for sale, says that it was nevertheless sold to Canadian pilot Stanley Tucker by mistake. In March 1966, Ford corrected the mistake by giving the captain a million copies of Mustang

6. In 2015 only 2015 marked the ultimate start of the use of an independent rear suspension in the Mustang range, but Ford in 1963 experimented with three prototypes to test the technology.

7. The most valuable Ford Mustang ever sold at auction is the Shelby GT500 Super Snake of 1967, which reached the price of 1.3 million US dollars.

8. Over the past 50 years, Ford has developed at least three shooting coupes (Mustang Coupé / Estate), one of which was a functional prototype, and the rest were clay models of the right size

9. In 1964 a Mustang limousine was built with four doors, which was intended as a substitute for Falcon, but everything remained on the idea only.

10. Ford Mustang has over 8 million followers on Facebook, more than any other car.

11. At the end of the 1980s, Ford decided to convert the Mustang into a Mazda MX-6 based car that would come with a front-drive, however, customers spoke decisively demanding the rear-wheel drive. Ford ultimately listened, while the development model eventually became a test
12. Former President of the United States Bill Clinton is the owner of the light blue Mustang with a white interior from 1967, and on the occasion of entering the White House in 1993, he declared that this was the hardest thing to leave.

13. Before a final decision was made to use the name Mustang, other proposals such as Cougar, Panther and Turin were carefully considered. It was not enough for Cougar to take the victory, and various emblems with that name had already been made.

14. In 1965, one Mustang was carefully disassembled in four sections and then a passenger elevator built on the 86th floor of the New York Empire State Building, where it was reassembled and exposed. Last year, on the occasion of the 50th birthday of Mustang, Ford repeated this venture, this time with the latest model.

15. M81 Mustang is the name of a project that was created by the collaboration of Ford and McLaren during the 1980s. It was designed as a limited, hand-made 250-series series, but the project was eventually discontinued with the 11th piece.