1250HP Opel Kadett WKT Supercar Killer – INSANE 0-314 KM/H Acceleration!

                                                                                             During the RACE1000 I have filmed a true supercar killer; the 1250HP Opel Kadett by WKT! It did a insane 0-314 km/h acceleration on the 1/2 Mile straight. It has a 2.0 liter 16V Turbo 4×4 Ecotec unit packing, the mother of all turbochargers, now running 3.1 bar! Thanks to the F28 Gearbox the result is 1250 hp and an undisclosed torque figure, with which the car becomes a hard to beat contender in any type of drag race from a roll, as the footage clearly shows.

It’s now official German fastest 4-cylinder car!
0-100 4.0 sec
100-200 3.7sec
200-300 6.3sec   Source: cvdzijden – Supercar Videos via YouTube