1150HP VW Golf 4 R32 Turbo Acceleration Sound by Don Octane Kevin Buczior

The R32 Turbo engine has more than 1000 HP and more than 1200 nm- Test drive with tuned VW Golf 4 awd equipped with R32 forged engine and Garrett – Advancing Motion GTX4202R turbo charging.

The first Volkswagen hothatch had just over 100bhp, the R performance is still the current generation offering 300bhp, and this Golf offers four times as much.

Not only am I not talking about the new Golf here, but the legendary “four”. Works with eo R32 version with VR6 engine and 240hp as standard. The author of this project says that the tuned Golf has a lot more. Specifically, it comes to 1,150 hp and 1,200 Nm.

And the proof of this power is the track data. This Golf goes half a mile in 17.03 seconds with an output speed of 305.38 km / h. Impressive, there’s nothing.

Source: Dylan McCool via Car Acceleration TV