1000hp Volkswagen Golf R32 Which Runs An Easy 10 Second Quarter Mile

When the Volkswagen Golf Mk5 R32 debuted, the narrow-angle VR6 motor pretty much became an instant legend. With 182kW from the factory, in today’s terms that’s now GTI power, but back then it represented the most powerful Golf money could buy, and of course it was naturally aspirated, which naturally meant it was prime for some forced induction.

Jacque De Beer who hails from Gauteng, South Africa, bought this car new and then immediately lost his first race in it. That was all the motivation he needed to build what must be the fastest Golf in the country.

8 clutches, 2 gearboxes and a lot of fuel later, his car now easily runs a 10.3 quarter mile, as if he’s just popping down to the shops to get some milk.

A big thank you to Jacque for taking the time to share his awesome car with us.

Source: Cars.co.za via Youtube